a coincidence of surfaces (2016)

two movements for string quartet that can be performed simultaneously as an octet. Commissioned by Chamber Music New Zealand for the Enso Quartet

Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas (2015)

A recomposition of the 1688 opera for performance at Te Uru Waitakere Gallery by Unstuck Opera. Performers were Amy Jansen (Dido), Tamsyn Matchett (Belinda/First Witch), Ella Smith (Second Woman/Third Witch), Rhys Hingston (Aeneas/Second Witch), Alex Taylor (Sorceress/Music Director), Alex MacDonald (Viola/Vocals/Percussion), Ben Hoadley (Bassoon/Piano/Percussion), Liam Wooding (Piano/Vocals/Percussion), Eric Scholes (Double Bass/Electric Bass/Vocals/Percussion). Directed by Frances Moore.

narcissus (2014)

2 clarinets. 6 minutes. Performed by Kota Sasaoka and Utako Shimoji at the 2014 Asian Composers League Festival in Yokohama.

refrain (2013)

string quartet. 14 minutes. commissioned and premiered by the Rothko Quartet.

nine bagatelles (2013)

bass clarinet and cello. 8 minutes. commissioned and premiered by Andrew Uren (bass clarinet) and Katherine Hebley (cello)

burlesques mècaniques (2012)

piano trio. 11 minutes. commissioned and premiered by the NZTrio: Sarah Watkins, piano; Justine Cormack, violin; Ashley Brown, cello.

figments (2012)

flute/alto flute, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, bass trombone, cello, double bass. 7 minutes. commissioned and premiered by 175 East, conducted by James Gardner.

quasi concertino (2012)

bassoon and string trio. 10 minutes. written for and premiered by Ben Hoadley, bassoon, with Emily Bouwhuis, violin; Alex MacDonald, viola; Robert Drage, cello; Alex Taylor, conductor.

two movements (2012)

duet of variable instrumentation: viola and bass clarinet; violin and viola; etc. 5 minutes. premiered by The Committee: Wen Chuan Lin, viola; Andrew Uren, bass clarinet.

seven bagatelles (2010)

Bb clarinet, bassoon, piano. 9 minutes. premiered by Natalie Harris, clarinet; Ben Hoadley, bassoon; David Kelly, piano.

eight pieces for wind quartet (2010)

flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon. 9 minutes. premiered by Luca Manghi, flute; Joy Liu, oboe; Anna McGregor, clarinet; Ben Hoadley, bassoon.

four abstracts (2009)

flute, clarinet, horn, viola, cello. 11 minutes. premiered by Tianyi Lu, flute; Finn Schofield, clarinet; Henry Swanson, horn; Alex MacDonald, viola; Cameron Stuart, cello. also exists in a revised version for violin, oboe, clarinet, viola and double bass.